Thread Needles: As mentioned above, amigurumi designs are built by first knitting individual pieces of soft toy and then sewing them together. Therefore, you will need a thread needle to complete the final details of sewing and embroidery. Thread needles are different from ordinary sewing needles; They have a larger threaded eyelet and usually have blunt tips for safer sewing.

Fiber Filler Filler: Amigurumi pattern designs can be filled with many different materials. For beginner projects, it is recommended to purchase a synthetic fiber filler. Synthetic polyester filler is widely available in craft stores at an affordable price. Other synthetic, chemical-free options are available for toys for babies and toddlers. Fiberfill fillers clean well and repel moisture during washing cycles. Finally, they are a safer alternative for pets and young children than packing peanuts or pellets if the toy is open.

Plush Tiger amigurumi free crochet pattern

I would say it is one of the cutest tiger amigurumi I have seen recently. A completely free amigurumi tiger pattern. Thank you to land_plush who created this pattern.

When using the specified materials, the toy comes out 28 cm in height.
Level: Intermediate.
Youtube video link.
1. HIMALAYA DOLPHIN BABY (120 m, 100 gr)
80316, orange (main color) – 1 skein,
80311, black – 14 g,
80301 white – 10 gr.
2. Hook number 4
3. Eyes 20 mm, spout, glue
4. Filler
5. Needles, thread for tightening, thread for sewing on parts, scissors, marker
And good mood!

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