Crochet Jellyfish Amigurumi Free Pattern

It is not difficult to turn jellyfish, which are often seen in the sea and look scary when we see them, into sweet playmates that your children will love. With the crochet jellyfish amigurumi you will make, you can give your children new playmates and use them as a decoration in your home. Jellyfish amigurumi, which is a sea creature knitting pattern, has many different designs. You can make colorful jellyfish amigurumis by using threads of various colors, as well as using a single color thread. In jellyfish free amigurumi patterns, knitting is started with the body first and then the feet. Separate chains are drawn at the length you want for the feet and 2 or 3 frequent needles are made into each chain. Then, it is combined with the body to create cute jellyfish amigurumis.

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Colour A: Baby Snuggle in Aquamarine
Colour B: Baby Snuggle in Wintergreen
Colour C: Baby Snuggle in Bright Red
Colour D: Loops and Threads Fur Yarn

Safety eyes 8mm
Hook: 5.5mm
Size: 8×4 in

Colour A
Row 1: MR, sc 8 (8)
Row 2: (inc)*8 (16)
Row 3: (sc,inc)*8 (24)
Row 4: sc 24 (24)
Row 5: (sc2,inc)*8 (32)
Row 6-9: sc 32 (32)
Row 10: (dec)*16 (16)
Row 11: (dec)*8 (8)

Place eyes between rows 6 and 7 with 4-5 stitches in between.

1. Stuff with fiber fill.

2. Before you sew the bottom closed, place safety eyes between rows 6 and 7 of the face with 4-5 stitches in between.

Attach yarn to row 9 of head, 1sc.
Skip the next stitch, in the next stitch, dc 5.
Skip the next stitch, sc in the next stitch, skip a stitch, then 5 dc.
Repeat from to 8 times.
Slst to the first stitch to finish.

1. You want to create a marker for the fins. Take a darning needle and medium weight black yarn into the bottom of row 8 of the head.

2. Make a slip knot with colour A and insert it on the side of the head. The start and end will be slightly uneven, this is normal.

3. Continue around underneath the marker untill you are complete.

4. Fins complete.

Tentacles: Total of 4
Make 2: Chain 12. Skip the first chain, and place 3dc in each of the remaining 11 chains.

Make 2: Chain 15, skip the first stitch and place 3dc in each of the remaining 14 chains.

Straight tentacles:
Slip knot tentacle, chain 12.

1. For the tentacles, place fabric pins where you want the tentacles to be placed.

2. Make a slip knot with colour a and insert it where you placed the pins. Follow the pattern for the tentacles.

3. With colour b, make a slip knot and insert it directly beside the tentacle. Do this between every tentacle.

4. All the tentacles complete.

Colour C
Row 1: Mr, sc 4 (4)
Row 2: (inc)*4 (8)
Row 4: sc 8 (8)
Row 5: (sc,inc)*4 (12)
Row 6: sc 12 (12)
Row 7: (sc2,inc)*2 (16)
Colour D
Row 8: sc 16 (16)

Colour D
Row 1: MR, sc 4 (4)
Slst together and tie off.
Attach to top of hat.

1. Make hat and put fur rim on.

2. Make the pom pom separate and place on top with fibre pins. Sew on using a darning needle.

3. Place the santa hat on the side of the head and sew on using a darning needle.

4. Place ribbon on row 1 of the head.


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