Blue Octopus Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern

The octopus amigurumi pattern, which is one of the mysterious creatures of the sea and looks very cute with its long legs and huge head, is very popular. You can create many beautiful octopus designs by using the octopus amigurimi pattern, which has many different designs, using yarn in the color you want. The fact that these cute crochet octopus amigurumis are easy to make and not in a sizeable size is an important factor for them to be preferred. You can get cute octopus amigurumis by matching the loops of the head and base parts of the octopus amigurumi, which changes according to the design you choose, and knitting them together, while knitting the arms together.

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• Scheepjes Softfun Aquarel (60% cotton, 40% acrylic)
• a little bit of pink yarn of the same thickness
• 3 mm hook
• 13 mm safety eyes
• polyester fiberfill for stuffing
• tapestry needle
• stitch makers
• a little bit of black yarn for eyelashes and smile

Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
Dc: double crochet
Inc: increase
Dec: decrease
Sl st: slip stitch

Skill level: Easy

Start from the top. Stuff as you go.

Round 1: Sc 8 in magic ring {8}
Round 2: Inc x 8 {16}
Round 3: [Inc, sc1] x 8 {24}
Round 4: [Inc, sc2] x 8 {32}
Round 5: [Inc, sc3] x 8 {40}
Round 6: [Inc, sc4] x 8 {48}
Round 7: [Inc, sc5] x 8 {56}
Round 8: [Inc, sc6] x 8 {64}
Round 9: [Inc, sc7] x 8 {72}
Round 10: [Inc, sc8] x 8 {80}
Round 11: [Inc, sc9] x 8 {88}
Round 12: [Inc, sc10] x 8 {96}
Round 13-15: Sc around {96}
Round 16: [Dec, sc10] x 8 {88}
Round 17-26: Sc around {88}
Round 27: [Dec, sc9] x 8 {80}
Round 28: Sc around {80}
Round 29: [Dec, sc8] x 8 {72}
Round 30: Sc around {72}
Round 31: [Dec, sc7] x 8 {64}
Round 32: [Dec, sc6] x 8 {56}
Round 33: [Dec, sc5] x 8 {48}
Round 34: Sc around {48}
Round 35: [Dec, sc4] x 8 {40}
Round 36: [Dec, sc3] x 8 {32}
Round 37: [Dec, sc2] x 8 {24}
Round 38: [Dec, sc1] x 8 {16}
Round 39: Dec around {8}

Stuff firmly. Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Tentacles (make 10):
Make 5 Tentacles of both blue and pink colors.

Round 1: Ch 51
Round 2: Dc 50 from the second chain

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.
Sew two tentacles of different colors together with one side only. You can make them as curly as you like by regulating thread tension. Make a few more tentacles, until you’ve got the thickness you want.


1. Attach the safety eyes between rows 20 and 21, about 14 stitches apart.
2. Use the embroidery thread to sew on a mouth and eyelashes.
3. Attach the tentacles to the bottom of you jellyfish.

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