Little Chicken Amigurumi crochet free pattern Crochet Pattern

Dear needlewomen!
It’s a pretty cute chick pattern. It’s nice that the color is vibrant and the details are not obvious. The pattern is very easy and has a detailed explanation. I hope you love this chick.

Designer: momigurum_i
You will need:

– Yarn Alize Cotton Gold Hobby yellow (code 187) basic.
– Yarn Alize Bahar brown (code 179) for the beak of inozes;
– YarnArt Jeans yarn of cherry color (code 66) for a comb;
– Eyes on a secure fastening or a little black yarn (threadmuline) for embroidery;
– Your favorite hook 2.0mm;
– Knitting needle for sewing on details and face embroidery;
– Any filler to your taste (I use holofiber or synthetic fluff, which is available);
– Marker for marking stitches

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Ice Cream Bear amigurumi crochet pattern Crochet Pattern

Guys, I am very curious about your views on this cute ice cream looking teddy bear pattern. Please do not forget to write a comment.

Designer: @lubava_crochetpattern

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Kroshka Bull Amigurumi Free Pattern Crochet Pattern

Friends, I’m with you today with a very cute plush bull pattern. Prepared with velvet yarn, this cute bull seems to be quite easy to make. Good day to you all.


1) yarn. Choose the color at your discretion.
For example, here is the yarn from which I knitted such a toy.
Himalaya Dolphin Fine (30-40 but for the whole toy)
horns, hooves – 80518 (dark chocolate)
body and head – 80506 (milk)
face -19 (pink)
2) eyes.

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Little Cute Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Crochet Pattern

Hello everyone!
I’m so excited because the small Bunny free pattern is finally here! 😊🐰. I used Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/4 yarn and 2,5 mm crochet hook, so the finished toy is about 19 cm tall

Designer: @cozyyarnfriends

Materials and tools
• Yarn of your choice. I used Hobbii Rainbow 100% cotton yarn (50g/170m)
• Crochet hook 2.5 mm, or the one that fits your yarn
• Stuffing material for toys
• Pair of safety eyes – 6mm
• Scissors
• Black and pink thin thread to embroider the nose, cheeks and mouth
• Stitch Marker (I usually use a piece of thin thread to mark the end of each round)
• Yarn needle for sewing

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White Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Crochet Pattern

Friends, thank you very much to Aleksandra Kisielewska for this cute white bunny pattern. A really cool amigurumi bunny pattern. It is quite different and tacky, and it is explained in quite detail. I hope you like it like I do.
Designer: @aleksandra_crochet

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