Amigurumi differs from crocheting in general in that it involves crocheting exclusively in 3D to make stuffed animals. Crocheting generally involves working in 2D flat rows to make garments or household items, but amigurumi are always woven in a circular pattern. Of course, it may sometimes be necessary to crochet in a round for projects other than amigurumi and vice versa, but for the most part, the two techniques are broken up like this.

One of the key parts of circular crocheting and a technique that is almost always used to make amigurumi is making a magic circle (tutorial here). If you are an experienced weaver, this term may be new to you as well, just because it is rarely used to make an average scarf or hat. However, magic rings are the first essential building block of any part of the amigurumi, as they allow you to weave in spirals, not rows. For this reason, it’s easy to see that while amigurumi technically falls into the same category as crochet hook, it is a very specific type of crochet hook designed solely to meet the needs of creating cute creatures.

Little Chicken Amigurumi crochet free pattern Crochet Pattern

Dear needlewomen!
It’s a pretty cute chick pattern. It’s nice that the color is vibrant and the details are not obvious. The pattern is very easy and has a detailed explanation. I hope you love this chick.

Designer: momigurum_i
You will need:

– Yarn Alize Cotton Gold Hobby yellow (code 187) basic.
– Yarn Alize Bahar brown (code 179) for the beak of inozes;
– YarnArt Jeans yarn of cherry color (code 66) for a comb;
– Eyes on a secure fastening or a little black yarn (threadmuline) for embroidery;
– Your favorite hook 2.0mm;
– Knitting needle for sewing on details and face embroidery;
– Any filler to your taste (I use holofiber or synthetic fluff, which is available);
– Marker for marking stitches

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