38 Beautiful AMIGURUMI Crochet TOYS For Your Baby or Kids 2019

I’m really curious how many of you want to participate in the Treasure the Teddy Hook Challenge. I am so grateful! Some have asked how exactly it worked. In this article, I want to talk more about it, inspire and encourage you. I really want this hook to be fun and relaxing. Therefore, the terms are also flexible (see below). It’s about challenging ourselves, finding inspiration, and putting ideas into action. I am happy if you would like to accompany me on this journey.


As you can see, I have already started my stuffed January. It will be a mini bear because I use Alize Cashmira and a 2.5mm hook, which is very rare for me. It will surely be the smallest treasure my teddy ever made!

The challenge “Treasure the Teddy” covers the whole period of 2019. The goal is to make a bear a month. At the end of the year you have 12 teddy bears.
It is not compulsory to attend every month. You make as many bears as you like. Only then will your collection be smaller by the end of the year.
My personal goal is to capture nature every season. So I’m going to create an inspirational moodboard for every month. You are welcome to use it, but if you want, you can choose the colors of your choice.
You can choose which wire you want to bear. In my model, I used Drops Nepal, but there are hundreds of other suitable threads with different texture and character. Enjoy the freedom to experiment!

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