Since amigurumi are usually narrower, filling is rarely seen. However, you can tuck your polyphile into knee socks or other tights to be 100% sure that doesn’t happen. Heck, you can even buy different colored hoses for different projects!

Ideally, you would use polyfil to fill your amigurumi designs. However, if you do not have a filler at hand, you can use the ends of the string! It is for this reason that I hold a vase full of the ends of my strings and hey! These are free.

Little and cute bear amigurumi free pattern

That’s why we’re watching out for the big bears. It can be kissed more easily in children. These small toys are generally intended for more adult children. It happens to those who use it as a keychain. But generally children use it.
You can even have it hang in your bag as an ornament. He will be happier on the way to school. This adorable amigurumi will accompany your child on a daily basis.
Now I want to share the details about the amigurumi without extending the promise. You can find the free example of amigurumi at the end of the topic.

The amigurumi bears in the photo are connected by different columns: a check mark, a cross and the back loops. Below is the author’s description of knitting an amigurumi bear by Katerina Gushchina (@katerina_gushchina_). To make a teddy bear, the author uses Alize Bella yarn and a 1.5 mm crochet hook. The size of the finished toy is 7-8cm.

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