Lovely plush bunny amigurumi crochet pattern

Counting crochet stitches is always a good idea, but in amigurumi it is a must. As you grow up and down, you need to know that you are on your way after completing each row. It sucks, but we all know pulling stitches smells worse.

Increasing the crochet hook is as simple as placing two stitches where there would normally only be one. By arranging your magnification (neatly around it), your project will look rounder and more professional. If you follow the pattern, the raises need to be calculated for you, just remember to keep counting as you progress.

I really think the yarn should be of good quality. If you don’t use a good string, the amigurumi looks bad. When you wash for cleaning, it immediately fades or distorts its shape.
The filling material placed there is also important in this regard. If you sell the cheerleaders you use, use quality products as much as possible. This will increase your potential customer.
Many thanks to Julia Deinega, who prepared this example. He shared it on his blog. To access the instagram link: Although he generally publishes in Russian, he takes care to produce content in English.
I thank him once again from here.

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