Amazing and Very Beautiful Crochet Amigurumi Ideas for 2019

Hello again!


After my last butterfly design, it seemed to me that my thoughts were still hanging on crawling beings! So I decided to add another one to my design collection. this cheeky little grasshopper. You can now find the patterns of my bumblebee, butterfly, snail and finally this grasshopper, which together make up a delightful collection of creatures. They would all look as cute as wall hangings in a nursery, or you could even make small versions of thin or light wire to make a cell phone.

I was a bit skeptical of this design when I started; I did not know how that would happen. And to be honest, it really sticks to the Ragdoll style, because the head was quite heavy compared to the body and therefore quite flexible. I did not try to stabilize them because I like this feature and generally accept the Amigurumi Ragdoll disk, but you can certainly try it. Just something to watch out for before you start!

When I started working on my Aztec pillow, many of you said it was a great bag. I totally agreed, but I found it a little too broad, so I continued my original plan and built a pillow, and then I quickly went to a new project with the intention of making a flap pocket.

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen progress. I have chosen a brilliant and bright geometric design for the front and a solid gray for the back. My inspiration for the design comes from an art print by Louise Machado called “Geometric Pastel”. I liked the mixture of pea, stripe and solid mixes as well as the bright and contrasting colors.

I also visited the local tissue shop to buy supplies for the feed. I was on the moon when I saw that shadow! This fits perfectly with the green I used in the front panel. I love it when it happens!

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