These are called safety eyes because when you put the washing machine down in the back, they cannot be removed so it’s safe to play with! So you have to be ABSOLUTELY sure you like where they are before putting on the washing machine! It is handy to use rows and count the stitches so that they are placed exactly where you want them. Also, be sure to position your eyes (and nose, if you wear them!) Before closing. (It happened to me! Oops!) 6. Be careful when sewing!
Sewing the pieces together is what I like the least. However, I have compiled some tips and tricks to make it better!
First, when you cut the thread from the finished piece, leave a long tail. Use it to sew the rest of the parts.
Second, use the slice line. When putting on the arm, make sure it is straight along the stitch line. You don’t want to sew it up and find it crooked! And use the same line for the other shoulder. Count a lot and check carefully before sewing. You will thank me later!
Third, use a pin to keep it in place. I use ordinary sewing pins. Lets look our amigurumi patterns

Lama Patmos doll amigurumi free crochet pattern

Yarnart Jeans / White (Color code 01)
Yarnart Jeans / Milky Brown (Color code 07)
Preferably pick 5 colors of Yarnart Jeans yarn for poncho
For embroidery: Black thread or yarn
9 mm Safety Eyes (Black)
Polyester Fiberfill
Embroidery needle
Size 2.5mm crochet hook or that fits your choice of yarn

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