Giraffe Rufus lovely doll Amigurumi free crochet pattern

With all the materials carefully selected to suit your own tastes and colors, it’s time to tackle this art. The art of amigurumi is knowing how to crochet and using the frequent needle technique. If you are not aware of crochet and frequent knitting, you can learn about this topic and watch videos of this type. First of all, you need to start knitting according to the pattern that you want to make. After you start knitting, you can shape the knitting by increasing and decreasing the number of stitches. After the knitting process is complete, stuff the inside of the toy with fiber. After your toy, which you filled with fiber, has fully taken shape, decorate it with additional materials according to the shape you made. For example, if you made a girl, colored buttons, ruffles and colored fabrics will make your amigurumi more beautiful. If you knit, you can easily perform the amigurumi technique. Amigurumi is a general form of weaving technique adapted for toys.

Welcome to my Amigurumi blog! I am happy to share this cute Giraffe Rufus amigurumi pattern with you for free. You can continue reading to create a great pattern.

Designer: Sedef BAY
Copyright Owner:


Yarnart Jeans/ Yellow (Color code 67)
Yarnart Jeans/ Pink (Color code 18)
Yarnart Jeans/ Brown (Color code 71)
Alize Cotton Gold Tweed / Beige (Color code 262)
Alize Cotton Gold / Cream (Color code 67)
6mm Safety Eye (Black)
1 cm Wood Button (2 piece)
Decorative Button (1 piece)
For embroidery: Black thread

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