Cute Hello Kitty amigurumi crochet free pattern

What is amigurumi? It’s just the hottest crochet trend. Say it now with me: ami-goo-roo-me. (Or at least I think you say it that way?) Amigurumi refers to crocheting stuffed animals; animals, toys, dolls, items … the list goes on. New to amigurumi? You’ll want to read my favorite amigurumi tips and tricks!

If you can knit in circles and are familiar with the simple crochet stitch pattern, you can create beautiful amigurumi. The only difference between regular crochet and creating amigurumi designs is stitching and stuffing, and there are a few tricks that will take your amigurumi to the next level. Amigurumi doesn’t have to be intimidating, so let’s disenchant it, okay?

I told you today that I will share three different amigurumi designs with you. Yes friends. Many thanks to Marina Dovgan, who created this great character.
You can find many hello kitty amigurumi designs when you use google today. However, most of them are still quite patterned and usually made of tough threads. I generally prefer soft strings.
Yes it is difficult to clean, more durable but if you can knit amigurumi it will not be a problem for you. You can create a new one or a different template.
In this example, making different color transitions might seem a bit difficult, but very easy. In the example, our friend Marina Dovgan described her preparation in great detail. It is recommended to use 4mm hooks when fabricating this sample.

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