You’ll want to use polyfil to fill your amigurumi. It’s sold in a bag at most craft stores … I usually get mine at Walmart. Fill in as you progress, especially small parts like arms or legs. It will take more filler than you think! But go slowly with little bunches. If you try to stuff too much it will get lumpy! But don’t underestimate it! It will drain a little over time, especially when played with! So I like filling in until I have very little give. I usually use the stuffing stick that comes in the bag to whip it, but the tip of the hook works too!

Things that I fill VERY well: heads, necks, body and any round parts (such as giraffe’s feet) or mermaid tails.
The things I fill in VERY LIGHT: arms (sometimes not even) and legs. This is because if you arrange them, they will look very uneven. However, if you want your amigurumi to stand up, you’ll want to fill a lot more. I fill my legs quite heavily, but not as much as my head and body.

Shaman muur amigurumi doll free crochet pattern

Welcome to my Amigurumi blog! I am happy to share the Shaman Muur amigurumi doll pattern with you free of charge. You should continue reading to create this cute pattern. I wish you success.

Sport weight cotton or cotton blend yarn
Bulky/chunky weight fluffy yarn
8 mm safety eyes (brown)
Tapestry needle
2.5 mm and 5mm or hooks that fit your yarns

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