Mrs. & Mr. Bumble Bunny doll Amigurumi free crochet pattern

When we looked at the uses of amigurumi, while it was the art of embroidery, which in the past was often preferred by girls knitting a dowry, nowadays, parents have begun to prefer safe and healthy amigurumi toys over unhealthy and unsanitary ones for your kids. paying attention to the use of natural fabrics. If you want to make a gift to your loved one with your own hands, when you create a gift using the amigurumi technique using amigurumi crafts at affordable prices, you will make a gift of high moral value, as well as important and valuable.

There are even collectors of amigurumi art in different countries and cities, especially in Japan. One of the most important and special aspects of this art is that the toy has its own characteristics. Amigurumi, a useful toy for your children, is much healthier and safer among the many plastic and carcinogenic substances on the market. Amigurumi, which is not a mass-produced method, is an art form of high moral value because it is produced one after the other. It contains traces of all the amigurumi masters.

Welcome to my Amigurumi blog! Mrs. & Mr. I am happy to share the bumble amigurumi pattern with you for free. You can continue reading to create a great pattern.

Designer: Sedef BAY
Copyright Owner:
Kartopu Amigurumi / Brown (Color code K855)
Kartopu Amigurumi / Blue (Color code K544)
Kartopu Amigurumi / White (Color code K010)
Kartopu Amigurumi / Purple (Color code K1709)
Kartopu Amigurumi / Green (Color code K507)
1 cm White Button (5 pcs)
7×10 mm Safety Eye (Black)
For embroidery: Black and white thread
Tong Fastener Pink / Blue (2 pcs)
Size 2.5mm or 3mm crochet hook

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