Puffy Penguin Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

After selecting the amigurumi pattern, the next step is to collect the necessary materials. For most amigurumi designs, you will need this supply list:

Threads: While your amigurumi pattern may indicate the best type of thread to use, beginners usually start with a 100% cotton worsted thread. Medium weight cotton or worsted cotton threads are easy to work with, durable and clean well and provide a classic high definition stitch for amigurumi designs. Amigurumi designs are typically made of solid threads rather than patterned dyes. Choose bright, fun colors to make your designs pop out, or colors to match your home d├ęcor.

Crochet: The size of the crochet you choose for your amigurumi design will depend on the pattern you choose. The most common hook sizes for amigurumi designs are 2-5mm, but thinner hooks can be used for smaller, more complex projects. Many crochet hookers find that an ergonomic crochet hook works best for amigurumi designs as it requires the seams to be kept under constant, tight tension. If your hand or wrist hurts while working on amigurumi designs, try the ergonomic hook.

The second amigurumi pattern that I will share today is a very cute penguin. I must say that I liked the pattern very much. Especially the completed version looks great. Penguin patterns often look very realistic. But I think it looks very nice that the legs are very prominent. I also share the pattern of his hat and scarf. Thank you very much to my__toys__story, who prepared the pattern, for a really good work. You can use the glasses as an accessory. Penguin looks pretty cute without glasses.
The height of the finished toy is 22 cm.

The master class was prepared by Hare Alina
Designer: my__toys__story

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