43 Sweet Summer AMIGURUMI CROCHET Ideas and Images for 2019

The 15 lightweight Amigurumi hooks for the summer bring the sweet breeze to you in any case. The Japanese words for “knitting” and “doll” come from the amusing word “Amigurumi”. Follow ancient traditions by making children’s toys with thread, needle and padding. These simple crochet patterns will show you how to knit cute toys and tasteful home decorations in no time. If you’re just starting to crochet, follow the instructions to make an Amigurumi Rabbit, an Amigurumi Bird, and other free crochet patterns. From underwater animals to dolls to amphibians to homemade amigurumi tutorials.


Kids love toys and why not crochet DIY? These Amigurumi tutorials show you how to embroider beautiful patterns for kids. Sometimes children want to be underwater, so the Crochtopus toy is a great alternative. Rainbow Teddy Bear is a colorful and creative baby toy. It is a perfect amigurumi crochet pattern for the crib of a newborn. Try making a spring doll to give your living room a little spice. With her welcoming smile and her blooming flower, she will welcome visitors to her not so modest home.

Kids will love these simple, fun and easy-to-learn Japanese crochet patterns. Crochet more for the little ones and watch their faces light up as they watch their favorite animals come to life with their hook

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