Easy Bunny amigurumi toy crochet free pattern

My dear friends. Today I wanted to share a cute amigurumi bunny pattern for you. The designer of this wonderful and very cute bunny is yammi_art. First of all, I have to say that it is a little bnunny amigurumi. It will be a very suitable toy for babies. Using a quality yarn, you can give it to your child with peace of mind. Little babies often put these types of toys in their mouths. Therefore, using a quality yarn will be good for your child’s health. I have a bad english. That’s why I want to share the pattern with you, without further ado.

The height of a toy -14 cm without ears, 20 cm with ears.
Designer: yammi_art

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Puffy Penguin Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

The second amigurumi pattern that I will share today is a very cute penguin. I must say that I liked the pattern very much. Especially the completed version looks great. Penguin patterns often look very realistic. But I think it looks very nice that the legs are very prominent. I also share the pattern of his hat and scarf. Thank you very much to my__toys__story, who prepared the pattern, for a really good work. You can use the glasses as an accessory. Penguin looks pretty cute without glasses.
The height of the finished toy is 22 cm.

The master class was prepared by Hare Alina
Designer: my__toys__story

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Lovely Velvet Tiger Amigurumi free pattern

Hello friends. Today I will share a cute tiger amigurumi pattern for you. First of all thank you to @ anna_workshop for this beautiful pattern. This tiger amigurumi pattern is completely free.
Designer: @anna_workshop

Necessary materials:
1. Yarn:
– Himalaya dolphin baby 80316 (orange)
– Himalaya dolphin baby 80308 (milk)
– Himalaya dolphin baby 80311 (black)
– Alize softy 98 (pink)
– YarnArt Jeans 53 (black)
– YarnArt Jeans 23 (orange)
2. Eyes on a secure mount 6mm
3. Black wire (thickness 0.3 – 0.5mm)

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Amigurumi Bunny Blanket Crochet Free Pattern

This master class does not contain crochet lessons and is designed for those who already know the basics of knitting.
When using these materials, the size of the finished toy turns out to be 60 cm in length, but much depends on the density of your knitting, so the size may differ.
You can dispose of the finished product at your discretion, when publishing photos of your toys, please indicate the author of the description.
Thank you for understanding!

Елена Рыжих

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Velvet Lion Amigurumi free crochet pattern

Recently, the use of velvet rope in amigurumi production has become very popular. While not very useful in general, there are very good examples in terms of appearance. In this respect, ease of manufacture is a very important factor. I will share the beautiful velvet lion-shaped amigurumi pattern that you can see in the picture. This is a pretty simple recipe. I have translated from Russian, if there is an error, let me know. I can make the necessary corrections.
The amigurumi pattern is actually a bit original. This is a really good job. The lion’s manes match his hair. The use of very bright colors makes it difficult to use. However, the choice of color is completely in your hands. You can crochet the color you want.

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Cute Sun Amigurumi free crochet pattern

Designer: @imake_youmake
– Yarn: Cotton or any DK yarn in yellow and white, pink -fingering weight and colours of your choice for the rainbow.
– black embroidery thread to embroider Sunnie’s eyes
– 5mm black safety eyes or beads for Cloudie – 2.5 mm hook
– scissors
– craft glue
– yarn needle
– a stitch marker
– fiber fill
– blush for Cloudie’ s cheeks

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Little Plush Unicorn amigurumi crochet pattern

Hello dear friends Today we will knit little plush unicorn amigurumi doll. Finished size of the toy is 22 cm.

Designer: @amical_toys

Hook # 3, a needle with a thick eye, inc knitting YARNaRt dolce.
(White, pink, lilac color); eyes 12 mm.
Black incarnate iris
holofiber filler.

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Easter chicken amigurumi crochet pattern

Hello dear friends. Today we share easter chicken amigurumi free crochet pattern. Its very cute. Finished Easter chicken amigurumi size 20cm.

Designer: @vintoniv_store


– Himalaya Dolphin Baby (80302) 100g/120m (main color)
– Lanoso bonito (936) 100g/300m (for beak and feet)
– Gazzal baby love (1613) 50g/115m (for headband)
– 3.5mm and 2.5mm crochet hooks
– Fiberfill
– Needle
– Safety eyes 9 mm
– yellow floss for sewing

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Christmas Penguin amigurumi crochet pattern

I can say that it is one of the most beautiful amigurumi that I have liked recently. It has a very detailed narrative. It’s really an explanatory pattern.

Designer: @crochet_by_belousova

When knitting, I used:
* YarnArt Jeans (skein weight: 50 gr., Thread length: 160 m, Composition: 55% cotton, 45% polyacrylic, Manufacturer: Turkey) Colors: N 90 – red, N 17 – blue, N 01 – white, N 63 – green, N
35 – yellow.
2. Hook N 1.75
3. Filler – holofiber, sintepon
4. Eyes with a diameter of 1 cm.
5.2 buttons with a diameter of 1 cm
6. Basting needles
7. Stitching needle
8. Scissors

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Baby Yoda Keychain Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern

The legendary yoda you know from Star Wars movies. A great key chain amigurumi pattern.
Designer: emsacrochet

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Blueberry Bear Amigurumi Teddy Free Crochet Pattern

Welcome to my Amigurumi blog! I am happy to share the Blueberry Bear toy amigurumi pattern with you for free. Follow the steps required to create this cute pattern. achievements.

Crochet all followed, without closing the rounds.

Yarn: I used drops you #9,125m/50g and 2,5mm crochet hook.
Bear is 12cm high.

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Little Bird Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Welcome to my Amigurumi Blog! I share beautiful patterns or crafts for you on my blog. This is amigurumi Little Bird pattern. Keep reading to knit.

Designer; cutiemestore

•2.25 mm crochet hook (size B)
•Cotton yarn;
–soft pink– 10g/32mm (35 yards)
–yellow – 5g/16mm (17 yards)
-small amount of black

•polyfill to stuff
•tapestry needle
•stitchmakers and pins

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