Amigurumi cow crochet free pattern

To keep their amigurumi heads, bodies, arms and legs as professional as possible, DO NOT join at the end of each round. Joining creates a line that will be clearly visible. Instead, work continuously without stitching, and trace your rows with stitch markers and / or continuous stitch markers.
Stitch markers are not an option for amigurumi crocheting; They are necessary! Since we don’t knit at the end of each round, we need to know exactly which stitch marks the beginning (and / or end) of each round.
You can choose to use the running stitch marker in addition to the regular stitch marker. You simply weave a yarn thread of a different color from one side to the other (in and out of the design) when you finish each row.

Hello friends. Today I will share the second and final model with you. I actually do some research for you during the day, but I can’t put together articles every day. Forgive me.
Our second amigurumi today is a cow. Don’t be fooled, he looks small. It is a very difficult model. It has very fine details. I imagine it is quite difficult to do mostly the face and body part.
As an amigurumi, the cow is not a preferred model. I know it. However, it is very helpful for your child to recognize different animals. In this way, your child’s love for nature will increase. It can also be encouraging for children who do not drink milk.
You can use many different colors in this tonsils. Vitchuk_vv who creates the amigurumi. You can access the Instagram profile from this link. He likes to make very detailed and small amigurums.

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