The magic-circle is the best way to start working in rounds, especially in amigurumi. Instead of joining 3 or 4 together and forming a circle, the magic circle gives you the opportunity to close that hole. This makes the top of the head and ends of the limbs look much cleaner. Just make sure you thread the tail through the first round of stitches to secure it like in this tutorial.
The amigurumi must have tight seams so that the lining does not come off and the design looks more professional overall. I recommend stepping down to at least one hook size than suggested on the yarn label. For example, if the thread label suggests I am using an H / 5.00mm hook, I would use a G / 4.00mm hook instead.

Kitten amigurumi crochet pattern

You can find the model in the rest of the article. I am writing this article only to provide preliminary information and to describe my feelings within myself. If you want, you can directly download the example.
If we come to the amigurumi now. You will see prepared amigurumis in different colors. I like the most orange color. Bright colors are really pretty in amigurumi.
“Troickaya Kroha yarn (20% wool, 80% acrylic, 50g / 135m)” was used as the yarn. You can use different threads. Of course, it is not possible to find all the strings. You can use beads for the eyes.
It is quite difficult to knit eyes by hand. A nice selection of pearls. In addition, a 2mm wide hook was used. I think it’s a question of thread.

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