Balle the bear free amigurumi crochet pattern

When creating our baby, I used crocheting techniques such as frequent needles, pulling chains, enlargement and reduction techniques.
You can start knitting with whatever part you want. Usually I knit the head first and then move on to the rest of the pieces.
You can use different colored yarns as a pointer at the beginning of the row so you don’t get confused which row you are knitting in.
The number of repetitions outside brackets in a recipe shows how many times we need to perform the operation in brackets. The numbers at the end of the row show how many single crochets there will be at this time.
While we knit details, we need to make the filling. To do this, we need to fill in these rows without losing the rows that we can comfortably fill while we knit the details. While filling the pieces, after pushing the fiber inward, we need to push the fiber towards the edges of the piece with our fingers and form the pieces.

Welcome to my Amigurumi blog! I am happy to share the Balle the bear amigurumi toy pattern with you free of charge. You should continue reading to create this cute pattern. I wish you success.

Designer: RIN Crochet
Abbreviations & Materials

Hook size 2.5mm
Drops safran yarn
Sewing thread
Yarn needle

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