Hedgehog with scarf amigurumi free pattern

Necessary materials and tools:

1. Yarn.
When knitting, I used YarnArt Jeans.
Colors: N 75 – gray, N 28 – graphite, N 01 – white, N 74 – pink.
Red yarn – 100% cotton
Yarn for needles – Camtex Cotton Grass N 169
2.Hook N 1.75
3. Filler – holofiber
4. Eye beads with a diameter of 0,24 inch
5. Nose 0.35 inch
6. Basting needles
7. Needle for stitching
8. Scissors
The size of the finished toy using these materials is about 9,84 inch

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Cute Giraffe Gosh amigurumi crochet free pattern

Giraffe Gosh
This master class is free. Master class sale
prohibited! Does not contain knitting lessons. When publishing online of finished works, please indicate the author of the master class. I will very grateful for the feedback.
Designer: https://www.instagram.com/leluza_knitting

Necessary materials
– plush yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby, YarnArt Dolce
yellow (main) color a little more than one skein
brown for the face and legs (you can use a different color)
– filler (holofiber, synthetic fluff)
– eyes 14 mm
– thread for the decoration of the muzzle and ponytail tassels (I use
YarnArt Jeans)
– hook No. 3.5 mm or 4 mm

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Little fox with dress amigurumi free pattern

Recommended materials and tools

When knitting, I used:
* YarnArt Jeans (skein weight: 50 gr., Thread length: 160 m, Composition: 55% cotton, 45% polyacrylic,
Manufacturer: Turkey)
Colors: N 23 – orange, N 79 – light green, N 63 – dark green, N 28 – black, N 01 – white, N 50 – dark purple, N 72 – light purple, N 67 – yellow, N 74 – pink
* KAMTEX KT “COTTON GRASS” (skein weight: 100 g,
Thread length: 220 m, Composition: 65% cotton, 35% polyamide, Manufacturer: Russia)
Color N 205 is white.
! Any fluffy yarn can be used.
2. Hook N 1.75
3. Filler – holofiber, sintepon
4. Eyes with a diameter of 1 cm.
5.White felt to decorate the eyelet (I have sequins)

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White bunny with skirt amigurumi crochet pattern

This crochet pattern does not contain knitting lessons and is designed for those who have basic crochet skills.
The complexity of this CP is low.
I am sure that you will get the most beautiful and cute bunnies. When publishing a photo of a toy related to my CP, please indicate me as the author of the description.

Designer: crochet_by_belousova

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Fatso mouse amigurumi crochet free pattern

Dear friends, hello everyone. Hope you have a good day today. Today I will share an amigurumi pattern that is very easy to make. Our amigurumi today is a great free mouse amigurumi sample. I want to talk directly about the amigurumi without expanding the topic too much.
As friends see in the pictures, this is a very small amigurumi. I don’t know exactly when I started writing, but it has a size of 10 to 15 cm. The amigurumi manufacturer painted the design with different colors and different models of thread.
I believe that the best amigurumi for children is yellow. Others look pretty too, but I don’t recommend them for young children. Because children often put such small toys in their mouths. Hair can get into the baby’s mouth.

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