37 Different Amigurumi Winter Crochet Ideas for 2019

Use this free crochet pattern from Hopscotch Lane to decorate your tree with colorful owls this holiday season. You can use owls for different decorations in your home throughout the year. They are suitable for nurseries, but are also ideal for decorating offices. If you enjoy making amigurumi and playing with many colors, this is a good Christmas crochet pattern for you.

This precious crocheted penguin wearing a Santa hat is a fun stuffed animal in the style of Amigurumi used as a decoration or a Christmas present. This is especially nice as a gift for a baby or a child (or for anyone who loves penguins).

Here is another Amigurumi crochet Christmas pattern that can be used for gifts or decoration. This conjures the Nordic folklore of the Christmas Gnome.

Sucrette is known for its colorful abilities that you can take advantage of by using this free tutorial created for making mini Christmas socks. You can use them as Christmas tree decorations, as gift wrapping, as a chain of Christmas bracelets or as small gift bags. This free crochet tutorial is easy to follow thanks to many photos for a versatile project, and you will enjoy reusing it year after year.

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