36 Summer Amigurumi Crochet Ideas for This Season 2019

I am very summery nowadays. The weather is still pretty cool in my part of the country, but I seem to dream about the summer.


I received a request for a butterfly motif a long time ago, but I have never had the right moment to choose to design one. Recently, when I was at Michael’s house, I visited an exhibition of cotton cake by Caron and I suddenly realized that it would be fun to use a self-painted thread in an amigurumi. I thought the wings of a butterfly would be the perfect canvas, so it’s decided.

Many of my models have a lot of paint work and require a good amount of tapestry hooks (such as a ton, if I’m honest), which is exactly what you need, if you’re looking for a stimulating project that you can really do arrive and spend time. But not all projects have to be the most difficult and complicated projects you’ve ever worked on. That’s why I decided to simplify this model a bit by not connecting a ton of hooks to the tapestry.

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