36 Summer Amigurumi Crochet Ideas for This Season 2019

I am very summery nowadays. The weather is still pretty cool in my part of the country, but I seem to dream about the summer.


I received a request for a butterfly motif a long time ago, but I have never had the right moment to choose to design one. Recently, when I was at Michael’s house, I visited an exhibition of cotton cake by Caron and I suddenly realized that it would be fun to use a self-painted thread in an amigurumi. I thought the wings of a butterfly would be the perfect canvas, so it’s decided.

Many of my models have a lot of paint work and require a good amount of tapestry hooks (such as a ton, if I’m honest), which is exactly what you need, if you’re looking for a stimulating project that you can really do arrive and spend time. But not all projects have to be the most difficult and complicated projects you’ve ever worked on. That’s why I decided to simplify this model a bit by not connecting a ton of hooks to the tapestry.

However, you can easily adjust this pattern by blocking the color of the wings in the color of your choice! You do not need a self-contained cable at all. Each of the sections is very easily customizable because it is separated by two main body color lines. You will not have a problem choosing a new color for each new section.

I used Bernat Handicrafter cotton for the body of two butterflies. When I could not decide which color to use for the third, I decided to try the Loops & Threads Capri thread, because the lavender color was the perfect color to match. the colors of the grand piano. Capri yarn is very soft and viscous (a pleasure to work with!) But that’s why it’s probably not the best thread for Amigurumi. Cotton definitely has more structure and gives body and wings a good definition.

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