36 Lovely AMIGURUMI CROCHET Ideas and Images for 2019

I was delighted with the success of the Christmas Tree Garland crochet pattern last month. In fact, it was announced that this would be the best selling model of LoveCrochet.com in November. It’s funny how such things make me proud. Like a stupid kid! Thank you for choosing this model and doing it 🙂

I saw so many beautiful Christmas trees on Instagram. Thank you for marking me 🙂 It really warms my heart as you prepare Christmas, decorate your homes and beautify the gifts.

I also made two trees. This year for the charity event at my son’s school. I was looking for a new way to use them and joined the trees with a small crown of natural willow. I really like the combination of yarn and natural wood. You can hang them on the tree, but they can decorate doors, shelves or just anything.

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