Mia Cow Amigurumi free crochet pattern Crochet Pattern

I share with you an amigurumi cow pattern that I really like the colors used. It has very vibrant colors and detailed crochet knits.
Designer: @sova_vyazhet_sv

1. Yarnart Jeans yarn (pink # 36, beige # 05, brown # 71, white and black).
2. Black floss or iris yarn.
3. Holofiber
4. Hook 1.5
5. English needles
6. Needle for stitching parts

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Caramel fox amigurumi crochet free pattern Crochet Pattern

Hello friends. Today I will share a very cute amigurumi fox girl recipe. This cute fox amigurumi girl has a pretty cute bow tie.
Designer: @vavilova_toys

Necessary materials:
-Yarn Himalaya Dolphin Baby
(red, orange, brown, beige or white);
– hook 4-4.5 mm;
– eyes on a secure mount 10mm;
– white felt;
– spout 10-15mm;
– black floss threads (for the design of the muzzle);
– filler for toys;
– a needle for sewing on details.

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Awesome Bunny Mia Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Crochet Pattern

Hello friends. Today I will be sharing an awesome amigurumi bunny pattern. The name of this adorable bunny amigurumi is Mia. It’s a really cool pattern along with her dress. I hope you will like it.

Designer: Alyona Petuhova

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Fox Keychain Amigurumi Free Pattern Crochet Pattern

I am sharing a very cute fox amigurumi pattern with you. Very cute fox amigurumi pattern that you can use as a keychain.

Designer: @amigugus
Orange and white Yarn with a corresponding crochet hook.
Tapestry needle
Satin ribbon 1cm wide
Colors: Orange, Off white and Black

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Kitty lola amigurumi crochet cat free pattern Crochet Pattern

Friends today, I will share a cute amigurumi pattern with very beautiful facial expressions. It has a very different face design. A beautiful cat pattern.

Designer: sitnikova_toys

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